ADAPT - North Eastern Arms is committed to the fundamental principle of adaptation. Every project undertaken project is client-focused and every aspect of research, design, and production is conceived and completed at their facility in Ontario, Canada. North Eastern Arms maintains direct control on all processes, making it leaner, quality-driven and more adaptable. No matter the demands, they will exceed your expectations.   ENHANCE - We live in a time when the demands on law enforcement, military, and security personnel are unprecedented. North Eastern Arms is committed, then, to enhancing the performance and reliability of service weapons. North Eastern Arms first hit the market with parts designed to improve the ergonomic function of popular service carbines. The NEA15 weapon platform refines the successful AR-15, making it an even more reliable, durable, and accurate system.   ADVANCE - Winning battles, whether at sea in the Persian Gulf or on the streets of your own city, is about decisive action. North Eastern Arms strives constantly to advance the technology we provide our clients to help them win those battles. From the ultra-corrosion resistant ARC+ treatment we apply to our rifles, to the precision barrels that come standard with every NEA15 rifle, North Eastern Arms is driven to adapt, to enhance, and to advance.
About North Eastern Arms
Founded in 2008, North Eastern Arms combines over five decades of aerospace development and manufacturing experience to develop small arms and components of a superior standard. Unfettered access to cutting-edge innovation in the aerospace sector allows North Eastern Arms to be a responsive manufacturer, able to meet the ever evolving needs of our broad client base. North Eastern Arms rifles and components are in service with law enforcement, private security and military personnel around the world. All North Eastern Arms components and firearms are designed and manufactured in Canada. As all North Eastern Arms components are ITAR-exempt, is makes them the premiere choice in small arms and components for import and export worldwide. Their unique responsiveness to mission-specific requirements provides clients with the complete tools they need. Rather than settle for what's available, North Eastern Arms makes use of the clients input to provide the right tool for the right environment.